Community Home Care Services

Companion ImageCompanion/Homemaker Services:

Companionship – Being human, we all crave social encounters.  Without this, we can become withdrawn, depressed, and lonely which can affect our health.  Community Home Care’s Care Team is here to bring a smile to a loved one’s face, provide company, engage in conversation, or simply put a puzzle together with a client or do a fun craft.  Sometimes, all people need is a fresh face, some outside stimulation and some one-on-one time just for them!

Respite Care – Care giving for a family member or friend can be very rewarding and bring families together, however, it can also be very stressful, tiring, affect your own health and can end up negatively affecting families when the need goes on for any length of time.  Community Home Care is here for you when you need a break.  Whether it is taking over the care giving for a period of time, or simply helping you with all of your other daily tasks such as light housekeeping, running errands, etc., we can provide that crucial support for you.

Hospital to Home Transition Care – While being released from the hospital or rehab/nursing facility is always good news, it can also be stressful and a little scary as you wonder if you are really ready to go home alone.  That is why Community Home Care offers this invaluable service.  We can do everything from pick you or a loved one up from the facility, prepare your home for your arrival with light housekeeping, clean sheets, take you to your medical follow-up visits, pick up groceries and prescriptions and everything in between.  Whatever you need to get back on your feet is our priority.

Medication Reminders – When medication is missed, your body can have negative reactions which can greatly affect your health, safety and well being.  While Community Home Care cannot dispense medications, we can certainly help make sure you are taking them when you should and taking them as directed (with food or without, etc).

Housekeeping – A clean home is a happy home, but sometimes, you may not have the mobility, strength or ability to take care of housekeeping yourself.  Community Home Care provides light housekeeping service that includes sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, straightening all rooms, organize closets and drawers, change bedding, etc. We can assist with all of your laundry needs as well.

Appointment Companion – Doctor’s appointments can be filled with a lot of important information regarding future care, medication changes, follow up appointments, etc.  All of the items discussed in an appointment can be hard to remember for anyone.  Let our caregiver accompany you or your loved one to that next appointment.  We will go into the room with our clients upon their request, capture the items discussed, then relay the information back to the family members if desired.

Errands – Community Home Care caregivers can run errands such as grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions or going to the post office.  Clients can choose to stay home or assist with the shopping or errands as this is a good way to get a little exercise and enjoy some fresh air.

Cooking – Eating enough and eating well can do a lot for a person’s strength and health but it is not always easy to prepare meals when you are on your own.  Community Home Care caregivers can help with meal planning, cooking, and clean up!  Some clients have our caregivers prepare meals for a week at a time, that way they can just grab a precooked meal and heat it up when they are on their own.
Pet care – Animals are good for the soul but sometimes they want to go out when you don’t, or need some special attention. We can help when those times come up as well.

Personal Care AidePersonal Care Aide Services:

Along with all of the Homemaker/Companion services already discussed, Community Home Care’s Personal Care Aides are there to help with the daily/weekly tasks that for some, can be hard to manage on their own.

Bathing (shower, tub, or sponge) – Who doesn’t feel better after a bath?  But wet surfaces can be slick and scary if you are weak or unsteady and can leave you exhausted.  We can assist with the bathing or simply be there for support while getting in and out.

Grooming – Our Personal Care Aides can provide assistance with tasks such as oral hygiene, shampooing /fixing your hair, nail care (file and polish).

Dressing – Sometimes bending over to put on socks and shoes can make your head spin!  Even buttons can be hard to manage at times.  We can help.

Ambulation/Transfers – Movement is freedom.  Community Home Care’s Personal Aides can assist in getting you up and moving safely.  Whether it is out and about for a car ride or simply moving from your bed to your favorite recliner, we are here to help you retain as much freedom as possible.

Toileting and Continence Care – Community Home Care understands that sensitivity and compassion are very important when it comes to toileting and continence care. Our Personal Care Aides can provide caring assistance to help our clients maintain their self esteem and dignity.